Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

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Art Garfunkel (Musical Artist) Cover David Dra... Disturbed Paul Simon (Celebrity) Simon And Garfunkel (Musical Artist) The Sound Of Silence (Composition)

This makes me tear up... it's just, so beautiful.
A Russell
I still feel in a weird way that this song was meant for my ex-husband or he was supposed to hear it. Disturbed were his favourite band. He loved them. But he was also a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel, and in the months leading up to his death he listened to Disturbed and he listened to Simon and Garfunkel every day. Sometimes more than once in a day.\nThen he was gone and a few months later this was released. It was like a strange gift from the Universe, after months of feeling numb and confused. I was finally able to cry... a good, long real cry.\n\nI wish he'd have heard it. I knew him well enough to know that this would have became his favourite song. Thank you Disturbed.
Adriane GC
I’m in NA. Three days ago I almost relapsed. I found this by accident that same day. I have never had anything touch my soul like his voice did. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot about using. These 4 mins and 19 seconds saved my life...
Alan Sayavedra
Esta canción te paraliza completamente ....
Alex Adduci
November 11 2018 whos listening
Annemiek Seldenthuis
Damn! Just Damn!\nHe nailed this song and with perfection. Damn! What a voice, what a sound.\nDeep into my soul.
Anonymity Is Best
Wow! Nothing more needs be said. WoW!
Anthony Ricci
Wow. I'm officially a disturbed fan.
Antonio Lansang
People: Covers are never better than the original....\n\nMe: this song
Apple Cider
This is quite possibly the best cover I've heard of any song ever.\n\nAmazing job.
Crikey, first-time hearing this version and I love it, so powerful
Ben Berger
November 2018 😁👍
BlackHaze XB
Helps you through the toughest times....
Blogging Witches
Lyrics\nHello darkness, my old friend\nI've come to talk with you again\nBecause a vision softly creeping\nLeft its seeds while I was sleeping\nAnd the vision that was planted in my brain\nStill remains\nWithin the sound of silence\nIn restless dreams I walked alone\nNarrow streets of cobblestone\n'Neath the halo of a street lamp\nI turned my collar to the cold and damp\nWhen my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light\nThat split the night\nAnd touched the sound of silence\nAnd in the naked light I saw\nTen thousand people, maybe more\nPeople talking without speaking\nPeople hearing without listening\nPeople writing songs that voices never share\nAnd no one dared\nDisturb the sound of silence\nFools, said I, you do not know\nSilence like a cancer grows\nHear my words that I might teach you\nTake my arms that I might reach you\nBut my words, like silent raindrops fell\nAnd echoed in the wells of silence\nAnd the people bowed and prayed\nTo the neon god they made\nAnd the sign flashed out its warning\nIn the words that it was forming\nAnd the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls\nAnd tenement halls\nAnd whispered in the sounds of silence\nSongwriters: Paul Simon\nThe Sound of Silence lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group\nArtist: Disturbed\nAlbum: Immortalized\nReleased: 2015
Bonnie Walker
One of the most powerful songs ever written. Disturbed powerful rendition gives it the impact and force of a vision of our future. It was the song of my graduating class. The poetry of S&G inspired me to write poetry.
Huh? Mom? Why’d I shiver? Um..It’s cold in here.
Caio M. Ribeiro
Like another fellow commenter said in another video of this version live\n'Simon and Garfunkel's original version is Jesus Gospel\nThis version is like the wrath of God.'
Cherisy Konstanz
I love this song more than I love myself. I wish I could make love to this music and obviously the singer as well because he looks fine af fam.
Corina-Alexandra Groza
omg, that POWER in his face and vocals... plain epic..and disturbing...
Craig Wortham
This shouldn't have worked, but it did. It's ridiculous how good this cover is. Unreal.
Darren Pedersen
This version is one of the greatest i have ever heard. His voice makes the song epic.
David Alan Gay
I've heard many versions of this song for over 50 years and this cover is the first time I've actually been moved to tears. Well done.
I don't get people saying this doesn't do the original classic justice , I think this is a beautiful wonderful tribute and just proves how diverse David's voice is .
Die InternetFahrschule
What a voice!!!!!!!!!
Em Joro
As one of my favourite songs of all time, Paul & Art should be very proud of this brilliant tribute to their classic. Kudos to all.
Emily Cole
when you feel crap this is the song to make you wise up to yourself
I love how this has more views than the original 😂
Galaktyk 92
this song will live on above all others
Guillermo Gabriel
Stan Lee 1922-2018
Heather Maxwell
Every time I listen to this song I think of my brother. RIP my brother 11/13/2016
Hiba Ben Ameur
This is a sad and happy song and little bit creepy at the beggining😂😂
IBegYourPardon 33
I love, love love this performance, inspired, God blesses xXx
The voices of so many were silenced by the Vietnam War Read bpapa.2ya.com the page - you will be crying as well .. God Bless those who gave ALL
Holy crap I am truly speechless. That was amazing!!!!!
How did i just meet this masterpice this year??!!
James L. Jackson
Jim J This video is an inspiration to vote and save democracy in the USA!
Jim Costar
My daughter died 10 years ago,my heart broke,the tears fell,then sounds of silence.
John Gage
November 2018 and still loving this version of Simon and Garfunkels original. David Draimans vocals are on point throughout this performance and knowing that at last someone has made an epic cover without the use of autotune makes it that much more spectacular.\nS & G lyrics are still relevant today although Disturbed gives the warning with an altogether more powerful thrust. \n\n \
Joseph Rhodes
November the 8 2018 who else
José Joaquín Ulate Céspedes
Thank you, David. This is best cover of any song ever made! It goes directly to your heart and soul.
Kasey Kasperitis
Who is still listening to thos in November
Katherine 'Katie' Vanderbogart
Disturbed.Beautiful! Thank you. I like all music genres. The caveat is very few melodies or songs you can sing to, today. This version leaves me breathless. Disturbed just BELTS it out 100% after a perfect crescendo. And you can sing this beautiful melody. Rock wise? ..This is equal in scope to \
Knockqz TTV
songs too good i replayed this 500 times
Larry Huddleston
Probably the best cover of a legendary song I have ever heard! I could listen to this over and over! Good on ya, Disturbed!
This song is like so sad 😢
Marie Moore
Your voice is like thunder
Mary MC Mullen
For all those who are caught up in War. Give them back their dignity in the 'Sound of Silence\
Mary-Lyn Furagganan
The 167K people who disliked this video are in the darkness
Matt Norman
So get this, my supervisor pulled me into his office today and i thought i was for sure in trouble, he looked at me with a straight face and told me, \
Max Riddle
Anyone who dislikes has serious issues. This song is beautiful.
Mike Anthony
When Paul wrote this song it was pure and perfect however the intensity of this singer and the way it is delivered is totally over the top. Absolutely outstanding on all levels, well done guys
Mohinesh Raman
Idk why I think of chester when I listen to this !
This song describes the world we have today.
One guy you know
If they don't play this on my funeral I'm NOT dying
I'm writing this comment in June of 2287\n\nWho's still listening to this?
Owen Harris
This song is a great for remembering the fallin soligers
Poonam Richardet
Powerful and a very risky move to sing a beloved classic...but it pays off..
There are three types of people:\n\n1) Younger people who disregard the original version of this song because they refuse to acknowledge a beautiful song because of its age, a profound act of ignorance in my eyes.\n2) Purists who decry this song because, to them, it tarnishes the original, even though the original remains untouched.\n3) People who can acknowledge what both versions of this song bring to the table and can form a civilized opinion, whether or not they like this version.
Robert King
I like this version Disturbed the best 💯
Roman Krut
Hello from November 2018. Who is still listening?
Whoa. Wow. 🖤😍\n I'm lame, I know But I never heard of Disturbed before. I'm in Love with your beautiful voice and sound. New fan!
His voice is so deep that it's making my phone vibrate. That's awesome!
Saphire Mayflower
Scott Hornung
Who knew a heavy metal band could sing so peacefully
Sean Marchant
November 13th, 2018 and I'm still blasting this song. It's absolutely beautiful. Every time I listen to it, it sends a shiver down my spine. The VERY FIRST time I heard it... I cried. Not because it's a sad song. But just to hear the raw emotion and power in David's voice..... there isn't anything like it. If you ask me.... Disturbed's cover is better than the original ❤❤❤
Soosay Love
And in the naked light I saw\nTen thousand people, maybe more\nPeople talking without speaking\nPeople hearing without listening\nPeople writing songs that voices never share\nAnd no one dared\nDisturb the sound of silence
Steve Davies
As good a cover song as you will ever get! Pure perfection x
Tee Zava
RIP my love.. This is how i felt the day u left.. 9/24/18...rest i love you.. Always
Teena Bandy
Dedicated to my Sweet Son Jeffrey who put up with so much in his childhood. Thank you Son for fighting for our Country! I’m so PROUD of you. I LOVE you more than you think. ❤️💋👍. Always Mom.
Tender Waze
I LIKE THIS MUSIC!!!!\nBut i like silence as well.
Can't believe I actually heard this on a pop station. Nice job, Disturbed!
To each and every person out there who listens to this song. Read my words. Even if just once. I care. I care about you. I care that you are alive today. Tomorrow is not promised. I hope you find comfort in knowing that your passing would darken my world. Even if we've never spoken or met. \n\nWe've all been in deep, dark places. Those of us who have climbed out are standing at the top offering you a hand. Please remember you are wanted by someone who never met you. Know that if you ever feel the desire to no longer exist. \n\nI care.
Tyler Williams
You know that question you might be asked \
Veronica Deevers
I lost my ability to sing due to a cancer situation and am just thankful to speak. So I truly deeply absorb this man's incredible voice. In my 62 years I have not heard a better remake of any song. Superior.
Videos Facebook
Who is still listening in November 2018 ???
Wacko Hotdog
2.7 million to 168k is a pretty good ratio
West Facing
I think people come here to be depressed, but there is some solace in collective misery. Chin up, all. This too shall pass.
Whitecollar Washouts
Step 1: Stare at a wall\nStep 2: Contemplate your life\nStep 3: Wait for first tear to shed
You Can Call Me Vette
This video is a visual of heaven through God's perception. It looks dark but isn't. Its calm and peaceful. It is silent. Heaven is different for all of us but no one is wrong bc its our personal vision. We all believe in the same God, even though he goes by many names there can only be one. He is talking to us through silence for a heads up to stay strong bc he has come, the 2nd coming of Christ has been upon us and has been for 38 years and now its time to know; however, his warriors have been here since his crucifixion preparing the world for this moment. Disturbed, this video and this song are his messengers whether they realize or not. Messengers sent by God for us. We are warriors of God and loved. We deserve to know so we do bc its true.
agung supriyadi
good song nov 2018 im listen
amanda stargel
Love it! Both versions are great and haunting in their own right
bed lam
Finally a cover that doesn't disgrace the original
betty riolo
How can one voice have so much power~
ch ma
A joke. An engineer went to the pearly gates was refused entry and sent to hell. In his time there he built an air conditioning system ,a swimming pool a shopping mall. the whole works. After a while the devil rang god to thank him for the engineer he sent. God became angry and said he should be up here immediately,the devil refused so God said in that case we will sue you. The devil laughed Oh yeah and just where are you going to get a lawyer. I HAVE GOT THEM ALL. 😃😃😃😃
168 000 of people know nothing about music
jidsu sudij
who's still listening NOVEMBER 1? 😊
At 65, I  refused to accept a NEW version of  Simon & Garfunkel .But finally,  I have!!! THIS IS AWESOME. WOW.
I think Disturbed struck a chord with people, because people want music. We want emotional content, not pre-fab autotune, or other junk.The music industry needs to get back to basics. We want the rhythm of drums, the keys, and the chords married with the power of a stirring voice.
meir kass
NOVEMBER 14.2018! Darkness is my light today! 30th Birthday!
As someone who loves both the original Simon-Garfunkel version as well as Disturbed's one, thought I'd offer some musical thoughts. First, big kudos to the orchestra in Disburbed's version - truly fantastic musicians, most especially the pianist and timpanist. And big kudos to Paul Simon, who wrote a classic song at such a young age that can be refashioned in so many musical ways. The beauty of Simon and Garfunkel’s musical style was their \
prince mthethwa
wow! just wow! this is beautiful!
I miss hearing this on the radio - such a beautiful rendition of a timeless song - and dare I say... better than the original. Disturbed just puts so much power into the song
si uTong
Still listening 15 November 2018...
sofi crocco
A beautiful touching song has turned into a powerfull meaningful heartful MASTERPIECE!!!! Thor isn't the god your thunder.... David... You really are!!! And thunderstorms born in you throat
steven bennett
The octave variation & grit in Davids voice emphasise the words & lyrics & take a classic song to a new level.
simon & garfunkel vs disturbed\n\n(mental crisis)
yousef shakly
i dont know what to say ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
*Stan Lee... (1992 - 2018) 💔*