Varus: As We Fall [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] | League of Legends Music

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Witness the incarnation of vengeance. Part 2 of the Retribution arc. PART ONE AND THREE OF THE RETRIBUTION ARC HERE:

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A. Monteiro
SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR A MOVIE... it hurts\nmake it happen
ASZ - The MoonWalker
Aatrox Sama
I hope they will rework Varus' looks into this one because it looks cooler.
Aldo Figaro
Still doesnt explain why he has hairy legs as pants
Anthony Becker
awwwww i lovee it
Antonio Sipperley
This has to be the most AMAZING!!! VIDEO!!! I've seen by far from RIOT. Riot you got something really good going here. \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 I absolutely love the kind of romance going on in there too with it being subtle but out there at the same time.
Ariel Serrano
Baby Gameplays
*Brazil Loves Varus. :D*
Ben Sam
Varus = Conquest\nAatrox = War\nRhaast = Death\n\nSo where is famine in all of that, or are the apocalyptic rider references just pure coincidence?
Binge watching intesifies
This is the cutest/most epic thing riot has made tbh
Brian Anthony Jacobe
The music sent chills down my spine. The team at Riot have been delivering quality stuff!
Now all thats missing is a video for Aatrox and his rework
Confirmed. They retconned Varus story, made Varus a Darkin, holding these two lovers Valmar and Kai, and they are three in one body.
Carlos Fandiño Soto
Ah yes, 15 seconds of Varus (Full Form), Im satisfied
Was I the only one constantly waiting for a Kiss? 😂😅
Soo they can be together trough death and beyond while I’m still here single playing league 🙃🙃😭😭 quality 👌🏾
Cloned Poro
I cant be the only one getting Dishonored vibes at 1:50 and 2:15, can I?
So that is how demon pants get created
Crown Valkyrio
Now we need an Aatrox rework and a music video like this.
Danial Estelle
Just a lonely fangirl passing by, admiring how hot Varus is at 3:11 XD ❤️
Kai and Valmar will be together forever.. 💜
Edgar Mendoza Lòpez
Ladies and gentlemen we have a Darkin against two humans.
Elias :3
I haven't liked Varus much. I thought he is boring.... but now I think he has the best story and the best design in League. I Love it.
Ethan Putlack
Still a better love story than Twilight
FFx Tazzy
You're all gonna be varus mains now.
But the old lore is still better
Riot really does an unbelievable amount of work. I hope you all respect that :)
Florian Krug
Varus still sucks. Get some mobillity dude.
Anyone else got chills from the beautiful animation and song?
Gerson Manuel Rosas Rodriguez
Now, a new in game model and new voice lines...\nGonna be interesting what these 3 personalities have to say.
Grant Morgan
Why can't I see replies to comments on only this video?
Harlene Fernanda Gómez Morales
Varus is made of love.
Joshua Ey
I wish they could make a video for Syndra.
Laurel Flower
I love this too much. 😍
Lili Zsuzsanna Budai
Read the comic too, guys! Valmar and Kai's story is truly beautiful and sad at the same time.
As amazin as this is, does somebody know the artist of the song? I love his voice!
Lord Faris
So that's how Varus becomes a Djinn
How could anyone dislike this masterpiece?
They must've worked 3 weeks just for the hair physics at the end
M.Hiếu Vũ
Please do Zed Music Video\nWe want to see his face
Nice but now do a Visual update for him please
Maicon Douglas
Darius star guardian confirmed.
Mallo Cacahuète
Mattia Trevisanello
Wait: we have Aatrox, Rahast, Varus and...? Who are the other darkin?
Maxime Scott
So varus was made from 2 gay men?
Meowi Pantsu
I love how riot makes this type of artwork to their game. Shows how much passionate they got.
Mercio DeComercio
i have watched it like 5 times by now, and i can't handle how epic this is. every time i end watching it, and i go do something else, the song and the cinematic suddenly bumps into my head again, and i have to watch it again. seriously riot, good job. i still think that \
Mihael Knessovich
Still no pants...
Miss Temptation
Im searching for homophobe commetnts, i can hate, but i don find any :( haha gj Riot ♥ love u
League is on point with the animations recently :D Also Varus is a Gem fusion xD
Mistrz Grzyb
Lol Lore + this graphic + open world + RPGMMO = The best game ever made
Mizako 96
For those wondering, the story goes something like this.\nThe two men are named Val and Kai and they are partners. They met in the midst of an epic battle with some beast and from that moment on became dependent on each other and they refuse to be apart. Kai is the one injured in what looks like a noxus invasion on Ionia and Val is unwilling to live without him. The Darkin Varus is trapped in a bow in the bottom of the Well they two are seen at. When they fall in, Varus attempts to take on of them over and alone, they would've been overtaken by the Darkin power. However, the love they share allowed them both to become a host for Varus and give him life again.
better love story than twilight
Monjozern Genex
drugs are NOT good guys.
So varus is not just one person but 3 entities? The warriors and the darkin soul or whatever? Damn i thought it was just one corrupted warrior with a darkin weapon like Kayn.
good yaoi
Pan brand
I stand by this, Varus is cool as hell!
Pavel Janík
so this is how varus became varus
More videos about less popular champs like Varus please \u003c3
Reiko Vallerie
I'm in tears \u003c/3 this is so wonderful \nhope they change varus's voice so Val and Kai could speak to each other and varus himself as well (as a darkin) and they could give Varus a little Visual Update. That would made my entire life \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
holy crap i did not expect this at all but i love it so fucking much. i got chills all over. the story telling, the music, the visuals, they are really well done. the making of was very interesting too. good job rito!!!!
Salvador Manzanares
when you played varus before anybody cared for him lol
wow this Ryze rework looks awesome!
Serhat A
new ryze rework looks cool!
Stevie Steel
Good Stuff Riot
Probably Varus rework?
lmao varus is gay 😂
So Kai continues to live in Vals mind but they both fight off the Darkin to keep control of the body. Everyone should just read the comic on the league page because that shit almost made me cry 😁❤👍
The Best
Wow I didn't know Darkins looked so cool :O
Tiago Nicolau
Varus is the new garnet!!
Toribio Hechanova
RIOT I love you!!! Truly we've come a long way if this kind of story line is not only accepted but applauded in gaming no less!
Totem Guard
Guaranteed theres gonna be a weeb that steals this music makes this high pitch and ruins it all
I lost count of how many times I've watched this video.
Turritopsis nutricula
That was unexpected but very nice
Tymir Bey
Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak champs stronger.
Ultimate Varus Skin?
Uriel De Alba Vallin
I always thought what Taric would be the first to come out of the closeth L.O.L. O.M.G #LoveIsLove #GayOnGame and another things...
Veronica Tardiani
Is Varus a fusion!? Like Garnet!? This explain his love skin!
Wen Xiang
Never clicked so fast before in my life
Really riot? ryze shoots arrows now??
Yunhua Ji
So varus = 2 man in love???
And that's the story of how Varus lost his pants.
I'm speechless. About to shed some tears...\nI started playing League of legends when it was still in the beta.. Made many friends over the years...\nUnfortunately some time around season 4, most of my friends quit this game. :(\n\nNow I stumbled upon this music video... and you know.. as a gay man ... growing up with league of legends to escape reality to not deal with my homosexuality.. this means everything. I still have problems to accept it.\nThe depiction of these two hunters is so great. You always see the clichee version of gays when it comes to media (video games especially) \nFor some it might be just a music video, but for me it's like my favorite childhood game is telling me to be myself.\nI never should have stopped playing league. \nThank you Riot Games... from the bottom of my heart.
chad wilson
did riot just present a gay couple? I'm truly shocked and praise you for doing so guys.
so is varus one of those monster weapon things like aatrox and kayns scythe?
Feels wrong that there's no Taric in this.
joel con
Heartseeker varus is making a lot more sense now
morgue awall
U did it rito. U did representation right. This makes me so happy
instead of make a new darkin, just change an old champ's lore lol
scare melt
varus need an a for VAARUS to be a true darkin
ugur kaymaz
Very good animation for The Varus
I prefer Dota 2 over LoL (even though I play LoL too from time to time)...but I really appreciate all the lore, videos and more for League of Legends...thumbs up for that :)
Диденко Данил
I'd been waited for the kiss throughout the whole video. I think something wrong with me(