Nightwish - I Want My Tears Back ( lyrics)

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Fifth track from Nighrwish's seventh album "Imaginaerum", with lyrics in video.

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i want my tits back\n
lovely song , instant favorite :D thx nighwish 
Andon Arnaudov
No it isn't the best album ever, though it is great as all, a bit different then the previous ones, but still a part from a wondrous musician, there is no worst and best about Nightwish, there is only the best.
Andre Almeida
My favorite of them!!!
Anh Van
nice song
Anja Zivotic
3:15 my favourite part :)
Anna Růžičková
me too !\n
good job stargazer all your videos are perfect!!!!! \n\\m/ NIGHTWISH!!!!
Beatrice Snellman
We all miss Tarja more or less. But shes gone, and Floor has an amazing voice aswell. Atleast I think so. Annette wasn't bad either, but she simply didn't fit that well with Nightwish. But she had some good songs too.
Benjamin Sinatra
I want Tarja back!!! I love Annete, and Foor!!! But just imagine what this album might have been with the divine Tarja!!! Just think of it makes me cry!!! This band means a lot in my life, for different reasons!!!  
This would be a good song for a medieval mythological movie or anime series, like Fairytail. :)
Caj Koskinen
I Want My Bears Back!\n
Chabi 52abo
Nightwish Is one of the best symphonic rock band in the world! Anyone who does not aggree with me: GO TO HELL!!!
why does this remind me of eurovision
Chelsea Avery
Chris Swartzenberg
my aunts name is Mary Costa.............scary
if you misheard the line \
Christopher S
This is the first time I've heard this song, and I am ABSOLUTELY floored ! A song I like as much as \
3:18 Hmm, Its a coincidence that Iron Maiden ''Dance Of Death'' and this song have the same solo!
Cristian Manu
Simply the best!\r\n
well 70-80 better ;)
Daniel Lioneye
its like free therapy
Daniel Santos
That 3:14 to 4:25, tho.
Denizhan Soydaş
The 10people who selects unlike , thinks the unlike button is download button :) we live in 21. Century you must be adapted this century :)
Désir Obscur
I think it was more of a Stubborn Order opposed to a moan....
Elise S. Odden
love this song \u003c333333333
Only few songs need to be played one M0:00RE time.. This is one of them
Evgeni Kavrakov
I want nothing back. I want a new album announced :D
Fiddlesticks WT
God no...
Gareth Sulger
Genny Beaudoin
Love the build up!
nice song i love nightwish \u003c3
István Gyergyai
is perfect for me,where I live some boys and girls try to make something,but never can compose music in this standard :)
Jack Frost
ok ok fine we'll stop making jokes about your precious justin bieber geez
James Murphy
I like all of the singers in Nightwish for different reasons. No one has a voice as powerful as Tarja's and although it took me a while to get used to the other twos singing styles, I love how Nightwish plays with them in it two. \u003c3 that's what makes nightwish great, their creativity, and the ability to give heart felt passionate performances in all of their music no matter who is singing. Night wish is still one of my favourite bands ever! Long live nightwish!
Jeannette Vidoni
Jebadiah Kerman
+Yusril DMA it is isn't it
Jenya The 1st
What do you mean?
As much as I miss Tarja, Floor is a nice fit here. Love this song too. On my Top 10 Favorite NightWish songs.
I want my wasted time online back!
Karui Aoi
they did 'cause she was acting like a bitch
Kate Laws
Im sorry to say but some of the Nighwish songs are hit an miss for me. Don't get me wrong i adour some of their songs. But there are some that are a little 'Iffy'- I would say this is an 'Iffy' Song for me, i enjoy the chorus, but the rest is a little, \
Keelan Chong
my brother sing this song also using guitar
Lazybone DeathChukee
1 of my fave :D thx 
Le Twerp
I love the guitar intro xD
Alice In Wonderland. \u003c3
oh god please stab me sidewayse.. first it was Tarja, and now it´s Anette?!.. when they replace the new singer for some fucking strange reasons, will you also scream you want her back as well?.. Be happy with what there is now, and let the past be the past..
Mařas Čížek
love Is song
Nightwish was and ever will be a greatfull Band...who ever will sing the lead part^^
Spoken true.
I heard she was kicked too because her husband made her demand more money, and the song Bye Bye Beautiful was actually a letter they had written to her kicking her out for only wanting money. BUT that's just what I heard too lol\n
Best.Intro.EVER!!! XD
Am the only one who loves the Annete`s Nightwish the most?
Noppol Siriyotha
Pauli Enan
mhm? i thought the band kicked her? Or did i get wrong informations?
Pavle Radosavljević
Rares Preda
Why arent we all happy that nightwish is still going ?
Alice in Wonderland. That's the reason for the \
Good luck finding it, I really mean it.
Rhea Mae Marapao
I definitely love the bagpipes here + Marco & Anette's voice + guitar riffs. PERFECTION!
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Comes as close to classic Nightwish as possible
NW started out at a campfire, sure your friends can reach that level. You just gotta believe in them and support them!
All are good.
I want Tarja back
Teresa Wulff
A catchy tune? Yes which is incredibly unique for a metal band\nA beautiful song? Yes\nA song sung by a metal band with a front singer who happens to be a female? Yes\n\nThree important things with a great song and three reasons to why this is now my favorite song of all time
Give us a link for that picture PLEASE!!!
Tonic Derppington
26 people never got their tears back...
Much as i love this song, it calls for a \
What Youlookingat
This is absolutely my favourite song from their new album
i dont like this song. I love IT !
Who else came apon this from The Furies?
Yusril DMC
alvien rusli
good song
ana doro
this song is soooo awesome ... omg! :D
andrea estrada
I want my childhood back, with my dad, my granpa and my grandma alive, all the lost hapiness... I want my tears back now!
bläääh blöööh
floor sings good but marco sings better :)
cute melon
fairy tail music :)
As one of the old nightwish fan I am happy to see Anette go, hopefully they will find someone to finally fill Tarjas shoes.
This song makes me think of my nan who is losing her battle with dementia. :(
max Frohn
This song is nice
hyvällä kappaleella \u003c3\n
ricardo alberto
+1 for Floor Jansen\n
Rakastan Nightwish, kaikki kappaleet ovat niin hyviä, kuuntelen niitä yhä, etenkin tähän.
sofo komakhidze
i found my fav song..^^
winger odyssey
Me ( to the comment below)
GOOD  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤L ❤O ❤V ❤E