Khalid Normani - Love Lies (Official Music Video)

“Love Lies” by Khalid & Normani from the Original Motion Picture “Love, Simon.” Get the “Love, Simon Official Soundtrack” available now:

Khalid & Normani Khalid Love Lies Love Lies R&B RCA Records Label

I’m here because of Oh Sehun.❤️
This is one of my most favorite songs
Advocate Pinoy
Love the concept of the music and the music video!
Alissa Noka
I can't get enough of this song💖
Attention 2 Detail Automotive Towing And Detailing
Best song out right now.
B 1
I love Normani
name a more iconic duo... i’ll wait
Khalid looking like a chef in that jacket cooking up these dope songs
Bomb Bomb
Stream Normani's Songs Checklist and Slow Down 🙌🏾💥
Cassidy Fields
Good for Normani honestly that honey deserves hitting those charts
Charly Montana
The PERFECT duet. Normani is THAT BITCH!!! and Khalid ..I wish i could make love to that voice of his omg!!!!
Dawud Sarwar
LOVE your song can't stop listening to it
Deejay Combs
I love a king and queen! You two are amazing
Wow! First time seeing the vid after hearing it on the radio a bunch. I thought these were white people and that this was a rock song! So happy to see a brother and sister tear it up!!!
Drowning Fish
Normani has true talent. Singer, dancer and she's fucking beautiful. 💜
hmm great duet
Ella Hartley
Not being offensive but I knew from the start that the fifth harmony group would be much better as soloists. I know it must’ve been hard for them, but it’s for the best. Love them all!!
Emily Ericsson
Here because Sehun Danced to it 💕 Normani Tweeted and this is Actually Really Good🖒
Enkhjin Davaasuren
Erica Shivram
Who else love this soooooooooo much
Fabricio Bruzaaandelly
Normani’s sooo HOT 🔥 🔥
Galaxy Gamer Gurl
IM DUMB I'm just now noticing that's normani from 5th harmony
Gaon Kim
Friends: “ur crush is coming acT NATURAL”\nMe: ok OK\nAlso me: 1:43
*Normani* went from Fifth Harmony member to *Sasha Fierce's* little sister *Malia Fierce* real quick, in that elevator 💃
Gideon Jager
she is smoking hott!!! God Damn! Loved her dancing edy, not too much, sexy and cute lol Strong Visuals guys!
Gift Walulea
I relly like this song
HateDumb Faggots
Stream for we get 100M of views
Hla Balhas
I like this song more than Havana by Camila Cabello. Who also?
JV The Kiing
She is beautiful.
Joe Gilbert
Khalid is awesome like always!!! And damn Normani is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jojo Rae
Let's get this to #1 they deserve this
Jordan Ay'Che
Still my jam
Joseph Anthonii
Josh Gooley
Normani is my new crush. Love the way she moves
they sound so good together love them both 🥰❤️
Kaneethia Bacon
Let's get it to 100mill so it can be vevo certified. Also let's stream lovelies to get it 3x platinum and stream checklist and slowdown to make it platinum
Karen Cantor
the song is a hit. they are both are very talented the voices are magic together. normani should have a solo album. her voice is amazing,
Katie Kirtley
They killed it in this one. Loveee this song
Kele Davidson
When it feels so good but it's bad for you 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Kristal Brown
Normani was the best out of that group.. wishing her the best on her solo career!!
Lakshmi Jeyaram
Normani sounds absolutely amazing. Modulating her voice so effortlessly. Hits the higher octave and lower octave so smoothly giving a soothing effect.
Laurão S
Normani is undoubtedly a goddess ❤️
Linda Lynn
I thought that this video was edgy and her dancing was captivating!
Mani is too turnt dancing around in them underwear lol
Majestic Ysk
Normani needs to focus on a solo career ! she slaays my existence omg
Mani Faith
after watching this video...i'm glad ive started going to the gym lmao
Matheus Soares
Love Normani kordei♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡
Natalie Reedy
This song is STUCK in my head! Not worry it's a good thing!
Natsuki Subaru
the voice combination is so damn good!
Nayops 18
Just discovered this song and now I’ve been obsessed with it non stop
Nikki Neurotic
Cannot get this song outta my head! Love it so much
Nini Johnson
Absolutely love this song and NORMANI!
Noe Herrera
90 Mil, woohoo, 10 mil till 100 mil
Nyboal lual
I looooove this song sooo much💕💕🔥. I can't stop listening to it.
Person 1234
normani did what she had to do
Raga The RnB
Always comes up with new vibe😌 #khalidvibe
Random person Who says hi
Thank you mom you got me hooked on this song
Renee RobPar
Love them as a duo! Normani is pure fire in this video. Come through girl!!!
Rick James
Who's still listening in September? Listen to Xavier White - Distance 🔥🔥
Sarah Brandao
Sehun's sexy dance
She Loves Control
Normani divaa!!!😍😍🔥👑 \nOne of the best songs of the year 🔥💯
SomeOne Else
The dancing is just SLAAAAAYED
Starhannah Hart
For the longest i didn't know who sing this song i heard it alot on the radio on magic 101.3 I finally found out who sung it and plus i fell in love with the song.
Susie Peaches
This vid needs more views
This song is 🔥
Tainá Figueiredo
I think that Normani is a complete artist. She can sing really well, she can dance... I really want Normani to follow her inspiration as a singer, Beyoncé, but without imitate Beyoncé's \
Tequila Smith
I'm happy dark skin women are getting a chance. She is beautiful
Chef Khalid busy cookin up these lyrics
Unknown Human
I can't breathe, Normani es tan preciosa
Uriel Andrade
Wait normani is from fith harmony
Waled Dawod
My Queen is getting the attention she deserves am so happy
XxiMysticxX eofhu24gbiphi53iu3jiovjo34hgu3v32i
Oh and don’t get me started on how Khalid and Normani’s voices are so good.
Zachary Booth
Now THIS is a video
Zann Newman
Wow, she is beautiful.
Zohie Allgood
I love this song
anna reich
Tbh Normani would be a perfect Princess Tiana if Disney were to make a live action of princess and the frog.
baby driver
Stream “CHECKLIST” and “SLOW DOWN” by Normani & Calvin Harris
badmiyagi .s
Imho, this song rivals the duets of old owned by Streisand & Gibbs or Newton John & Sir Richards. Not the same genre or type of music but sure has the same appeal for me, moi, je and ich and so on.\nLove the way it starts, his voice and then she comes in and flirts in and out of it and together they stop the hands of time (clock). Just two talented people of their time, Khalid & Normani. \nThx for this great, well put together inspiration in along line of hits in your futures. Cheers!👌
Super catchy tune! Love it
chanecia c
Can we get this to 100M please?
daisy the duck
daniel safwan
I like this song ever😍😘
exol fe
Oh sehun brought me here 💜
ez zar
GET OUTTA THE WAY CAMILA, it’s Normani’s moment to shine 🙌🏼⭐️💫
johnnny Boros
So glad shes doing her own thing not hiding behind 5th harmony she has a voice
lovely birdy
Love lies is back in the top 10 on Billboard Hot 100🔥🔥🔥
mathew knepp
Daaaaamn Normani! Love her voice.
people _squad
So at school me and Mt crush were talking as I looked away for a sec I was singing this song, then I turned back around but he didn't hear me cause I was mumbling and then he said, \
ringi sherpa
This video should get more view like if am right
sehun stan
Came here because of Sehun and loved the song 😍✌🏻
shimmy shimmy ko ko pop we need a comeback
I'm here after seeing sehun dancing to this song \nThe song is so good 😍😍❤
It's impossible for me not to have this song on repeat. It's so good. I love the uniqueness and vibe in Khalid's voice and Normani.... dang didn't know she could sing like that. I always heard bits and parts of her in Fifth Harmony, but now it's her time to shine. I'm really looking forward to hear what she comes up with for her solo debut album. We just covered \
normani is a QUEEN 👑😩🙌🙌
wig disintegrated
ıǝpɹoʞ ıuɐɯɹou
*100M views before 2019*
• m i n a m o c h i •
JIMIN brought me here :3